It Has To End Sometime Or I Will Kill Earth: A Photo Essay

My workout today was HARD.

For Week 6/Day 1, the running segments are 1/2 mile, 3/4 mile, and 1/2 mile with a 1/4 mile recovery walk between each.  Not so bad, especially after 2 consecutive miles, last week.  So, I decided to make it bad.

Just the f*cking beginning.

Really, Oakland? Is this *necessary*?

Keep on keepin' on.

Sure, it's all fun and games from the top. These hills need to DIE NOW.

It was brutal.  During the last running segment, I hit a big hill and could barely get one leg in front of the other.  I screamed at myself not to stop.  I reminded my tired, tired, tired self that I have not stopped to walk once in 5 weeks.  At the very top of the hill, I admittedly took a couple of steps that could be defined as “walking” but I immediately pushed myself back into a super slow jog.  I reached the crest and miraculously picked up the pace.  Thank you, Britney.

Kilometers are longer than miles because numbers are constant?

I was really happy with this pace considering how challenging the route was.  I remember trying to run up the gentle incline at the top of my street a couple years ago and feeling like I was being waterboarded.  Today wasn’t nearly that bad but I was beyond tired when I got home.

I hate ground that is higher than the other ground.

Spent some time stretching out with Merlin’s assistance.

Cat ('stache) stretch?

And then I went to Dailey Method.  Because I’m a lunatic.


Okay, runners.  What’s your hill strategy?  Slow down so you can maintain your pace?  Power through them to feel like a monster?  Yell at your self and Britney Spears?


5 thoughts on “It Has To End Sometime Or I Will Kill Earth: A Photo Essay

  1. Hi Shauna. I have absolutely no hill strategy. I’m fortunate to live in a very flat neighborhood in a fairly flat State. I found your blog through your post on C25K’s FB page, and I’ve caught up on your now-complete 30-day challenge – great job! Anyways, you’ve got yourself a regular reader now because I love the way you’re working on accepting your accomplishments and not being such a perfectionist, things I am working on as well. 🙂

    • Shauna says:

      Hi Rebecca!
      Thanks so much for reading about the challenge. It was really fun and transformative.

      (The squiggly red line is telling me that “transformative” isn’t a word but takes no issue with “squiggly?!)

  2. 1. That top is too cute! *want*
    2. Ground that is higher than other ground is the worst kind of ground there is!
    3. I have quite a bit of uphill on my running route (and a really annoying steep downhill!), so I have some experience with it. I’m no expert though. I could be saying all the wrong things, but here I go anyway:

    First, it DOES get easier. You just have to build up different leg muscles, which makes you legs look *amazing*. Hello back of the thigh! Your legs. Mine will never look amazing.

    Second, try shifting your weight to your toes. My calves are strong than my thighs, so for a short distance a little calf help makes it go a bit easier. Also, springing from you toes just seems to help give you a little extra oomph up that hill.

    Third, slow way down. It’s better to slow down and keep running than try and keep pace and burn out to a walk. Take smaller steps, make sure you’re keeping a good posture with you shoulders straight and your abs in. Your legs will get you the rest of the way. 🙂

    • Shauna says:

      Thanks lady! The hills themselves are okay. As my friend Sid pointed out, it’s the feeling like I’m going to DIE as I recover *from* the hill that is really unpleasant. I am building up some fab muscles though. We definitely need some quality time in SD this summer in SHORTS. 😀

      • Yes! Come visit! We’ll go places and taste things!

        My issue is totally during the hill. I mean, I also feel like I’m going to die after, but I get over it because I know the hard part is over and my heart rate will go back down. But during? It’s high and I know i’m not even done. Iiiick! My one and only half marathon featured a hill that was steeper than the hill I used to live on in Oakland (member that thing!?) and twice as long. It was AWFUL! But I didn’t stop because I was determined the run the whole thing. Honestly, I wished for death it hurt so much. Most people walked it. Um, except for the parts where I stopped to hydrate. Running and drinking requires far more coordination than I will ever posses.

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