Things That Still Scare Me

1.  Spin Class.

I love the idea of taking a class that will melt the fat off the backs of my legs.  My fear is that I will get so winded and tired in one of those classes that I will have to stop and everyone will yell at me! 

2.  Riding a Bike.

This one probably sounds a bit bizarre.  I never really learned to ride as a child so I’m not as comfortable with the basic concept as most.  Also, I know how much I despise bicyclists as a driver and reasonably fear that some ME will mow me over.

3.  Running in Shorts.

After years of having underwear and the occasional pair (which I just Freudianly typed as “PEAR”!) of shorts swallowed up by my ass, I am a card-carrying shorts avoider. The least attractive part of my body is the jiggly, dimply back of my legs and butt.  Not being a Shauna-hater, just being honest.  This area of my body has changed dramatically in the last month so I think that casual shorts are definitely going to be in my wardrobe this summer.  Running (IMPACT) in them?  That’s going to take awhile…

4.  Running groups/clubs

I’m really loving the idea of having running buddies.  I would love to meet some of the other Bay Area fitness bloggers (hi guys!) and workout with them.  I am clearly not at that level.  As far as running clubs or groups like the Lululemon Wednesday night group – what if I’m too slow?!  What if I feel like I have to quit!  What if???  This one is within my reach.  As soon as I finish the C25K, I am going to do the 3 mile run with the Lulu folks.  If I don’t like it, I can run to my car and never do it again!

* * * I’m struggling to come up with things!  This list would have been SO much longer a month ago!  Thinking…. * * *

Yep.  I think that’s it!

Any suggestions for conquering these fears?  Anyone done these things for the first time without being abducted by aliens, probed and fed to a mean chimp?


6 thoughts on “Things That Still Scare Me

  1. TriGirl says:

    1. Spin class is demonic. It’s really hard. Really. I always think I’m going to die. But I don’t. And it’s great for the legs.

    2. Been there. Got a bike after I signed up for a tri. I had to learn to ride it. That takes time and patience, and supportive friends who will ride with you without judging you.

    3. Only when it’s too hot for pants.

    4. Aside from what I just wrote about, I usually enjoy my runs with friends. I also LOVE my solo runs; just me, my music, and the road.

  2. Roger Fallihee says:

    I’m glad that the list is so short. I’m totally with you on #1 and #4.

    • Shauna says:

      When I come up for the wedding, we’re going to go on your 5k walk but we’re going to do some jogging intervals! We can retool the FDPCT to be the FatherDaughterPsychoRUNNINGTeam!

  3. Julie @BananasForBourbon says:

    1. I’ve never done a spin class either. Not scared per se, they just require a gym membership or something. Which I don’t have. But I’m curious. What is this fat melting you speak of? Because I too have the upper thigh problem area.

    2. I have horribly uncoordinated on anything involving wheels. Except a car. I still remember how hard my best friend in high school laughed at me when she tried to teach me to roller blade. This bitch is tall and has a long way to fall!

    3. Lady, I’ve seen you. You see imperfections in your body because you are intimate with it. Just like me and mine. But I can guarantee if you wear shorts, no one is going to be thinking “oh, look at that dimply thigh” Nope. They’ll probably be thinking something along the lines of “nice stems”. Truth. Just be comfortable. If that means shorts on a hot day, go for it! You’ll look amazing. And if that means jeans, well nothing wrong with that. That’s what I rock 999 days out of 1000. 😉

    4. I honestly don’t know how people run together. I am such a lone exerciser. I hate being dependent on other people to get started. I hate feeling like I’m slowing someone down, or being slowed down. And there’s something about running with someone that makes me heart rate shoot up. Weirdest thing! But if you want to run with people, then I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, and not bail out. Runners are an encouraging lot. You’ll see when you run your first race. 🙂

    That’s it?? You’re one brave lass. I’m scared of bathing suits and shirts that show my flabby stomach skin that looks like fat, but is just evidence of my past fat. I’m scared I’ll never improve and the level of fitness I’m at now is my peak and I have only downhill to go from here. I’m scared of, well, anything with wheels. ;p And someone telling me I’ve been doing it all wrong. And I’m really effing scared of those shoes with 6+ in heels! Why when I’ve finally accepted my height and started rocking some modest heel in the name of cute shoeness, do shoe designers feel the need to up the anty? WHY!? I’m not looking to be a hooker on stilts! I don’t care to know what sort of men are into that sort of thing!

    PS: Why is this stupid Gravatar thing making me sign in to comment? And the sign in thing doesn’t load, so I actually had to change my email address to comment. 😦

  4. Kimra says:

    I was terrified of riding a bike until, um, November? So it’s doable. But I also think it’s a totally reasonable thing to be afraid of.

    I also am still scared of running with groups! But I went to one of the Bay Area Lulu runs (SF) and found everyone to be totally welcoming.

    I’d rather wear workout shorts than casual shorts any day! I’ve given up on planning to ever look good in normal-person shorts.

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