On Tuesday, I had a great run that met my goals.

Tuesday went so well, in fact, that I felt pretty nervous about today.  The running segments get substantially longer in week 5.  I hoped that I would be able to maintain my sub-10mm pace but honestly wasn’t convinced.  I was worried that I would get too tired, too winded.  I was even more worried that I wouldn’t challenge myself, would give up, and would feel like I wasn’t changing.

I am silly and blew today’s run out of the water.

0.25 mile warmup walk: 3.5/17mm

0.5 mile: 6.0/10mm

0.25 mile: 6.1/9:50mm

0.5 mile recovery: 3.5

0.5 mile: 6:2/9:41mm

0.25 mile: 6.5/9:15mm.   SERIOUSLY.

The c25k plan for W5D2 calls for two 0.75mile running segments.  For an additional challenge, I bumped up my speed on the last quarter mile both times, increasing distance continually.  Negative splits again.  Booyah.

It was GREAT.  Made even greater by my……NEW SHOES!!!!


These are Asics Gel-Noosa Tri-6’s.  They are technically triathalon shoes but based on all my research, they fit my specifications for a lightweight, neutral shoe.  I absolutely LOVE the way they look so I promised myself that if they arrived and didn’t feel right, I would send them back.  I was a bit nervous to do my first run in them.  I had some different feelings in both my knees and shin during the first 10 minutes and then they felt really comfy.  I feel great now and couldn’t be more pleased with my (slightly early) reward purchase.

After my run, I returned home for a brief yoga practice.  I prefer the full-body positive benefits of yoga to static stretching after running.  Today I used Suzanne Deason’s Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss, my go-to DVD.

When will they integrate Rock Band with yoga?

Happy (tired) me.

Pretty dang good Day 29.


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