Today is Day 25.

My plan for yesterday was **SUPERSATURDAY!!!**  I was going to have an especially super ass-kicking day:

* C25K W4D3 (is anyone else sick of all those letters and numbers?)

* Dailey Method

* 5K walk around Lake Merritt with a friend.

* Yoga practice to stretch out after all the activity.

My body had a different plan.


Periodically, I have some tenderness in my right knee.  It was bothering me last night and again this morning.  The pain was very mild but after 24 consecutive days of activity, it was clearly telling me to rest.  I iced and I listened.  I spent the morning trying to determine what I was capable of doing and realized that I should do the easiest activities and prepare my body for SUPERSUNDAY.

I picked up my lovely friend Tonia for lunch and a 3 mile walk.  Exercise is fairly new to her so I knew our walking pace would be comfortable.  Happily, it gave me an opportunity to use the Run Keeper app for the first time.  NEAT!

Feedback Nerd Bliss.

I can’t WAIT to run with this app.  I’m so curious about my outside pace.  The app syncs to the RunKeeper website which shows elevation!  I look forward to seeing how dang steep those hills really are!

One thing that’s increasingly clear to me is that I need new shoes.  I’m getting gnarly blisters on the bottom of my feet and I could definitely feel the walk in my joints yesterday.  Since I’m much stronger, lighter and more fit than a year ago when I was doing the same activities in these shoes with no pain and no blisters, it’s time to bite the bullet.  Looks like my 30 Day Challenge reward is going to be new kicks.  And I really, really, really, REALLY want them to be these:


Time to fuel up for SUPERSUNDAY and then go kick some funfetti-earning ass!


One thought on “Listening

  1. 1. Runkeeper is awesome. I love seeing my progress over the months and wow, now years? I use it every time I run, even though I have a set course. The elevation calculator isn’t very accurate, fyi.

    2. I found that once I reached a level of workouts I had to start incorporating rest days to avoid injury. Just remember, having to take a rest day is lame, but it beats sitting on your butt for 2 weeks because you strained something.

    3. Definitely get really really good shoes if your knees or any part of your legs is bothering you. I had all sorts of problems until a podiatrist told me my shoes were terrible. Do you have a Roadrunner Sports or the like near you? They’ll have you jog on a treadmill and evaluate your feet to tell you the type of shoe you should be wearing. It’s so helpful. Also their custom insoles that are molded to your foot? They cost up the butt, but they last a whole year and they’re soooo awesome.

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