1997 (9th Grade): 135

I had no idea how hot I was…(and yes, I was 14).

2000: 155-160

Hello adult body and metabolism…

2001-2003: 160-210

College.  Low self-esteem.  Birth control.   Pizzeria Uno.

2004: 210 – 165


2005-2007: 165-200

New Hampshire (hell).   Depression.   Domino’s bacon pizza 5x a week.   Horrible relationship.   Moved back to CaliforniaDrank a lot.   Hated myself.

2007-2008: 200-145

Whole grains!  Elliptical!  Jamba Juice!  Transition to being a full-time musician!  Exclamation points!!!

2009: 145

Dating, feeling sexy, maintaining.  Elliptical and strength training.

2009-2011: 145 – 175





Figuring it out.  Full-time work + Master’s program.  Successful c25k program at 13-12mm.  Tracking calories.  Indulgent meals out, healthy food at home.   Except when I was having pizza and ice cream like a 10 year old boy.

2011-present: 170-135

Breaking through barriers.  The Dailey Method.  c25k at 10mm (in progress).  Tracking calories at LiveStrong.com.  Strength.  Chicken meatballs.


5 thoughts on “Timeline

  1. Life is a journey…and it meanders. Thanks for showing us an outline of yours…

  2. Shauna says:

    Thanks, Paddy! Can I call you Paddy?

  3. […] by my Timeline, I have had a complicated relationship with my self.  My identity was formed around what I […]

  4. Sounds like you’re on the road to keeping your current habits and kicking the yo-yoing! We are here to support you!

    It’s so interesting to see your timeline. For me, I just kept gaining and gaining and gaining. I was up to 205 before I finally started losing and losing and losing. Hoping to never see that end of the scale again!

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