The New Lazy

This morning, I woke up at 6:30 to scratching and feeble meowing.

Wake up and feed me, b*tch.

Because Merlin is my lord and master, I fed his annoying, noble ass and immediately curled back up in bed to check email, blogs, etc.

Last night I registered for an 11am TDM class.  As I lay in bed, knowing that I had several hours before class, I began to think about what additional workout I could do.  I did W4D2 of C25K yesterday.  Knowing that I will likely take advantage of my free weekend days for extra workout, I decided that TDM was enough.

And I felt a little lazy about it.

How hilarious is that?!  On day 23 of ass-kicking, I actually felt lazy for ONLY going to a class that completely intimidated me in the past.

My body is ready for more.  I can feel that it is.  But sometimes, you just have to curl up under a blanket for an extra hour and cry at Season 7 BL Makeover Week!


2 thoughts on “The New Lazy

  1. Ah, and the brain re-wiring has begun. Excellent, excellent. 😉

    Resting is important! Your muscles can’t realize their full awesomeness if they can’t sit and think about how awesome they are sometimes.

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