Balance, Treats, Rewards

After about a week without a functioning AC adapter for my laptop, I FINALLY have my lifeline back!  Despite the great iPad WordPress app, blogging without my computer is a pain in the basketballs.  Hence the brief, picture-less posts.

As the 30 Day Challenge progresses, I’m finding myself increasingly “focused” (read: OBSESSIVE.)  When I see positive results, I tend to begin to fear food.  It is very easy for me to workout every day.  It is hard to eat enough to fuel my activities.  It’s even harder to believe that this is actually happening.  For good.

Since I truly want to make permanent life changes,  there must be balance:



There also must be treats:


And, of course, there are rewards:




One thought on “Balance, Treats, Rewards

  1. Preaching to the queen of balance! It can be a hard act sometimes, that balance beam sometimes seems a mile wide and sometimes feels like a sword’s edge. But as long as you want to, you will. 🙂

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