Today is Day 20 of the 30 Day Challenge.

Today, I am tired.

I will say that being tired from doing a lot feels a hell of a lot better than being tired from doing nothing. This was the first day that I didn’t feel completely enthusiastic about my workout. The difference between today and twenty days ago (besides some pretty sexy muscle tone) is that twenty days ago, I totally wouldn’t have gone. I would have spent the morning watching reruns of House Hunters. I wouldn’t have been unhappy about my weight because I lost a significant amount before taking on this challenge. BUT I wouldn’t have felt stronger and sexier than ever.

During each TDM class, I observe new and increased strength and flexibility. (My solid hammys shocked me today!) I struggle immensely with my form in seat work. The idea of coming into a chaturanga pushup AFTER a minute and a half of plank is still preposterous to me. While I have major areas that I still look forward to improving, I’m also able to stay in the work longer and dig deeper than ever before. It is so f*cking cool.

Two thirds ass kicking done. At 29 years old, I suppose I’m not referring just to this challenge, am I?


2 thoughts on “2/3

  1. We are going into 30 in such a great place. 🙂

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