I woke up this morning excited to work out.

Ugh. Really? Am I becoming one of *those* people?

It gets worse. I wanted to go to TDM because I’m currently on an unlimited month and want to get the most of it. And who am I kidding? I’ve really been enjoying it. I also really wanted to start week four of c25k. I haven’t run since Friday’s hills and have been…..missing it.

Gross! Creepy!! Who actually LIKES working out??


So yeah, I did both. Headed to the gym for W4D1. The running segments are up to 3 and 5 minutes, with half the amount of time of the running interval to recover. My hope was to stay near 6.0 on the treadmill (10mm of you’re terrible at running math, like this idiot.) As I got myself situated, I realized that left my f*cling iPod in the car. How was I going to run 5 minutes at my faster pace without GAGA?? Well, it took some serious self-talk and some internal screaming at Ina Garten (sorry, ma’am) but I did it! Didn’t slow down or nothing! It’s starting to look like a 10 minute mile is a real possibility for my 5k pace. Neat.

After the gym, I headed over to TDM which was almost empty. Good news = lots of personal attention. Bad news = lots of personal attention. While I’m much, much stronger than before, I still get a little uncomfortable being singled out numerous times for corrections. I should be, and am, grateful but I sort of hate hearing my name through the microphone. Ah well, if the goal was to stay in my comfort zone, I wouldn’t be there at all!


One thought on “Creepy

  1. Mwhahaha! Welcome to the dark side! That creepy feeling is from *endorphins*. And yes, they are extremely addictive. When people ask me when they start to like working out I always answer that I still hate working out. Hate every minute of it. But I like it as much as I hate it. And I LOVE the feeling I get afterwards.

    The downside is when you miss a workout and you miss the endorphins your body thinks you should be getting, you totally feel like a grumpy sack of sh*t. That’s my real motivation. Not feeling that way. That and chocolate cake. Lots of cake. 😉

    Go girl! It’s torture not having music, but it can be a fun time to do some meditation, no? Really think about things because, well, there’s nothing else to do but focus on how much you hate working out.

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