A New Kind of Perfect

Today was the perfect Saturday.

First of all, it was 73 degrees. This weather has been completely bizarre but I will take it. If it means that the San Francisco Bay Area is underwater in 2030, so be it.

I woke up well-rested for the first time all week. I headed to a 9:45 Dailey Method class taught by the studio owner, Susan. In 2011, I found her classes very intimidating. She used to correct me to the point where it actually felt like she was picking on me. I was a bit nervous about attending her class today but figured I shouldn’t avoid it merely because it makes me uncomfortable. That’s not how PNP is rolling these days!

Class was wonderful and difficult. I was only corrected a couple times and it may have been my imagination but she seemed much friendlier than I remember. I think there is a bit of prejudice amongst both the students and instructors against people who are larger. Admittedly, I am more confident this time around and feel less scrutinized. That said, the instructors and other students are unquestionably nicer to me than when I was attending class with an additional 30lbs on my lower body.

Anywhoo, today was lovely and I’m psyched for class tomorrow!

After TDM, I picked up my friend T for a walk around the lake. She has recently lost a substantial amount of weight and is starting to introduce some exercise into her routine. We soaked up the March sunshine (?!) and worked up our appetites for lunch.

A bit of shopping (including an unprecedented $35 Lululemon tank!) and some additional vitamin D on the back patio. Heaven.

I didn’t anticipate that my definition of a perfect day would evolve to include 2 hours of physical activity. It’s day 17 of the challenge. I have had periods of physical activity much longer than this but none as transformative. I absolutely can’t wait to see what else transforms.


One thought on “A New Kind of Perfect

  1. Wow, that sounds like such an awesome day! That kind of being singled out is completely what scares me away from the class environment. At the same time, if you’re doing an exercise wrong you could hurt yourself or at least not get the effect you want, so I understand their need to correct and applaud it. I guess it’s all in the delivery of the correction? One would hope they would be positive and empowering.

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