Fit Fracking Friday

Audience appreciate alliteration?

Long fricking fracking day today. Got in the car at 7am with a thick layer of ice on my windshield.  By mid-day it was 60 degrees?  WTF?  It was sunny and beautiful and all I could think was….

….how much I wanted to go for a run.

And then I saw this.

Today was much busier and longer than yesterday.  My plan was to do yoga at home which is the only thing I can typically handle after a  10 hour teaching day.  Much, much, MUCH to my shock, as I sat in terrible traffic, I made the decision to do W3D3 in my neighborhood when I got home.  That’s right, folks.  Not only was I going to run after a full work day, I was going to run HILLS.

And it was amazing.  Much easier than either of my workouts on the treadmill this week?!  Could I actually be an outdoor running convert?  I imagine my running portions were a bit slower but my heart was at a comfortable elevated rate the entire time.  So comfortable, in fact, that I added an extra 5 minute running segment at the end!  As I ran, I could really imagine successfully running a race.

I absolutely cannot wait.

P.S. Did yoga afterward and still haven’t looked at the scale.  In case anyone is keeping track…


One thought on “Fit Fracking Friday

  1. You are kicking some serious butt, Lady! It’s kind of incredible! When’s your first race? 🙂

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