Day 14 (and a Shift)

Today was a success on a few levels:

Ignored the scale.  My body is more solid but my clothes look great and I’m not stressing.

Went to Dailey Method and had a great class again.  I look forward to being able to get through a thigh set without standing up for relief.  I also look forward to being able to keep my mother-f*cking hips square during standing seat work.

Author So Not Pictured.

Not once did I feel even slightly ashamed or inferior to those around me.  I challenged myself when I thought I could and was humbled by my body at many points.  That is exactly how I want every class to feel.

After class, I met up with a friend for lunch who has also recently begun TDM in San Francisco.  She’s about three weeks in and loving it!  It was wonderful to geek out with someone who knows just what an ass-kicker (and shaper!) it is.

Next door to the restaurant is a fabulous running store See Jane Run.  I went in to browse and found tons of cute tops on sale.  Ruh-roh.  Walk away.  Both of the women working were very friendly (nothing like the typically snobby and obnoxious behavior at a certain addictive yoga apparel store. )  I shared that I was just beginning to run and hoped to earn some new shoes in the future.  I was curious about which ones might be right for me and so the lovely woman offered to analyze my gait!

Pronate? As if.

I evidently have a neutral gait.  New shoes might be a nice reward for finishing the c25k or my first race.  And I’m an 8.5 in case you Asics people are sick of sponsoring “athletes.”

Now, speaking of rewards, tonight I ate this:

A Thing of Beauty is a Joy for About Eight Minutes

A few days ago, I started craving Zachary’s deep dish pizza.  The desire kept coming back to me so I decided to have it.  It was not a “reward” for all of my hard work.  It was not something that I “deserved” to have because I have worked out for 14 days consecutively and made other healthy choices.  It was just some pizza.  I wanted it, I enjoyed it and that’s all.

No guilt.  No fear.  Just dinner.

And a shift.


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