Challenge Days 11-13

Yep, I’m still trucking!

Day 11 (2/26):  I returned to The Dailey Method after almost a year of absence.  I’ve refrained from writing this update because I know I need to devote at least one entire post to my experiences with TDM.  Briefly, TDM is a barre-based class that combines barre work, yoga, pilates and weights.  It’s a full-body brutalizer.  I’ve been thinking about returning for months and I finally felt strong enough to face something that has challenged me immensely in the past.  (More on this to come.)  I attended a “principles” class which is extended by 15 minutes to allow for more time to transition between exercises and pay attention to form.  I had a fantastic class.  It kicked my butt but I felt strong and up to the task.  Very, very fun surprise.

Day 12 (2/27 – in case you can’t do mathematics): c25k W3D1.  The running portions alternate between 1.5 minutes (with 1.5 to recover) and 3 minutes (with 3 minutes to recover).  I wondered if I would be able to maintain my 9:17-10mm pace as the segments got longer.  Turns out I definitely can’t if I don’t eat enough.  My heart rate shot through the roof during the first running segment and never came down far enough for me to be comfortable.  I was pretty bummed and frustrated.  My last running segment of 3 minutes turned into 2 with a walking break.  I forced myself to finish it out once my heart rate came down enough which I suppose is to be congratulated.  I would *not* have done that in the past.  Hell, I would have stopped after the first running segment.

After my workout, I headed to Old Navy for some flip flops.  The store I went to is right near a lovely beach and since I’d calmed down completely during the drive, I decided to get out and get an extra 3 minute running segment along the water.  That is something I *definitely* would not have done in the past.  That’s change, people.

California Love

When I returned home, I did the Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss DVD.  I was stunned at how much more flexible I was after only one Dailey Method class.  My abs were sore from the core work the previous day but I went much deeper into every pose.

Day 13 (today!  I’m caught up!):  I intended to return to TDM today but due to a gift certificate mix-up, I had to change plan.  It’s not recommended that people doing the couch to 5k do their runs on consecutive days but it worked best with my schedule this week.  I ran again on the treadmill and managed to do it without adding any time.  I was a bit more conservative with my pace but I finished.  Slightly disappointing that I’m not maintaining a sub 10mm but I’ll get there.  I was surprised that I was yearning to run outside.  Yesterday’s stretch on the beach was so much more enjoyable than being on the treadmill and locked into one speed.  We’ll see how this week’s hill run goes.  I might be begging for the hamster wheel after 3 minutes in my neighborhood…

And no, I did not look at the scale today.  Shunned.


One thought on “Challenge Days 11-13

  1. Oh, thanks for the info on the Daily Method workings. I’ve been curious, heard a lot about it. Sounds like something I need. I’ve been considering a class of some sort. But my issue is just fitting a class into my schedule. I like to work out first thing at home. Maybe I could try one out. 🙂

    There’s always going to be days when you are faster or slower. It depends on your mood, the weather, how rested your muscles are, how warmed up your muscles are. In my experience, reaching new milestones is so motivating and awesome, but feeling like backtracking is so discouraging. I think it helps to pull back the focus a little and set your sites on the longer term goal – the 5K. You’re doing it! 🙂

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