A *Real* Challenge

After a weekend of kicking ass and (not) taking calories, I stepped on the scale.


Commence my monthly mindf*ck.

At the risk of over-sharing, I am plagued on a monthly basis by about 2 weeks of bloating and serious weight gain leading up to the main event.  Even though I attempt to mentally prepare for this frustrating fluctuation, I still freak out.  I start to second-guess my eating, my choice to exercise (“muscle is bad because it is heavy!!!” says crazy, desperate PMS-brain) and my ability to ever have a happy, healthy life.  It sounds quite dramatic but after 2 weeks of creeping weight gain, I can’t help it!

Uncle Google always has lots of good advice but I already drink tons of water and avoid sodium!  The one piece of advice that I never manage to heed is to ignore the scale and be patient.  Sounds like a challenge and I like those right?  Right….?

New component of the 30 day challenge:  NO SCALE until (ear-muffs gentlemen!) GirlTimes are over.


Byeee! Hate you anyway!

I can do it?


One thought on “A *Real* Challenge

  1. OMG, THIS HAPPENS TO ME TOO! Sorry to yell, but I too am plagued by the luteal phase bloating. My luteal phase can suck it! Seriously I will sometimes by 4-5+ lbs over my post-“event” norm. My ankles and lower legs will swell. Like noticeably. Like my husband asks what’s wrong with me. I tried asking my doctor and she also said ingest less sodium. Which is stupid because I’m pretty sure **hormones** don’t respond one way or the other to sodium. *eyeroll*

    After months and months of this I still hate it, but I’ve adjusted. I have my usual weight range and my uggggh this part just sucks weight range. Hang in there! It’s not about the number, it’s about how awesome you look in those cute tiny clothes you treated yourself to. 😉

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