Bad Blogger pt. 2

In order to catch up to real time, here’s a verrrrry brief recap of my 30 Day Challenge: Days 4-9:

Day 4 (2/19):  W1D3 on the treadmill.  I had done it already but I guess I felt like getting in an extra run that week?  I honestly have no memory of this but it’s on my calendar.

Day 5 (2/20): This was a “rest day” so I did my stand-by Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss DVD.  I’ve loved this DVD for years.  It has some challenging poses.  Towards the end of each section, you do standing forward bend.  It’s great to feel how your flexibility has improved throughout the practice by revisiting that pose.  I remember doing this DVD years ago and sweating up a storm.  Now it’s just a lovely stretch.  Yay!

Day 6 (2/21): W2D1.  In week 2 of the c25k, the running segments are upped to 1 minute 30 seconds with two minutes for recovery.  I thought I would ease myself into my faster treadmill pace with a comfy 5.5 run.  I immediately upped it to 6.0.  Badass move, right there.  I alternated between 6.0 and 6.5 for the running segments.  Could a sub-10 minute mile be in my future, for real?

When I got home, I did the Crunch Candlelight Yoga workout to stretch and relax.  I’m loving the running/yoga combo.  Thank Jeebus for a freelance lifestyle that allows for all this workout time!

Day 7 (2/22): Rest day.  It was 75 degrees and sunny and I was overwhelmed with happiness at the gorgeous weather.  I took my yoga mat and iPad outside to do the Candlelight Yoga workout outside on my patio.

California is heaven.

Day 8 (2/23): W2D2 in my neighborhood.  That means HILLS.  Holy balls, this was challenging.  And shockingly doable.  My immediate neighborhood is about a third of the way up a large hill.  This means that from street to street, you might find a flat stretch or a very steep grade.  In the spirit of challenge, I chose to go uphill each time I was prompted to run.  I really did!  The two minutes between running segments barely gave me enough time to recover but I stayed with the program, only adding a bit of recovery time before my last run.  It was brutal and I couldn’t have been prouder.

Day 9 (2/24):  I definitely felt the hills in my thighs and butt after the previous day’s hill run.  Yoga to the rescue.

We’re practically up to date!  Thanks for bearing with the massive recaps.  Now that I’m caught up to the calendar, I can go more into how these consecutive days of activity have made me feel both physically and emotionally.

Sneak preview:  I FEEL AWESOME.  😀


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