Bad Blogger pt.1

Inspired by a slight weight loss plateau and many, many, many marathon recaps*, I posed a challenge to myself:

30 consecutive days of physical activity.

I had already begun the Couch-to-5k progressive running program.  That would account for three days a week of my physical activity.  For the other four days a week, options abound.  Cross-training at the gym on other cardio machines, yoga, goofy workout videos via Netflix and surely other things I haven’t tried!

This doesn’t sound like something a BAD blogger would do!  Why the worrisome title?  Well, I started it 10 days ago.  Oops.  Bad blogger…

Here’s the recap of my challenge, so far:

Day 1 (2/16/12):

C25K  W1D2.  That’s Couch-to-5k Week 1 Day 2.  In the first week of the c25k, the participant warms up with 5 minutes of walking and then alternates 1 minute of running/jogging with 1.5 minutes of walking.  This particular day I ran on the treadmill at a 1.0 incline to prepare for the uneven terrain and wind resistance one encounters when running outside.  The interesting surprise of the day was my speed.  When I last did the c25k in 2010, my running portions were between 4.5-5.0 on the treadmill (between a 13 and 12 minute mile.)  This time, I alternated between 6.0 and 6.5!  What whaaaaaa?  My heart rate stayed relatively low, breathing felt comfortable and I wasn’t miserably begging Jesus and Buddha to make time go faster.  I even pushed myself to do a 1 minute “sprint” at 7.0 at the end of the workout.  I fully realize that 7.0 on a treadmill is an average marathoner’s comfy pace but I really felt like I was flying at that speed.  I also felt like I was going to barf up my heart afterwards but my heart rate quickly came down and I was just left with a major smile.

Day 2:

According to my calendar, on 2/17 I did both W1D3 *and* the Crunch Cardio Salsa workout on Netflix streaming.  Is this a mistake?  Two cardio activities in the same day??  The Cardio Salsa video was fun and slightly humiliating.  Let’s just say, I am not ready to take my meringue to the clubs.  Maybe I looked sexy and spicy but I felt like a clod.  All good though, I had a nice sweat going.  Since that one is available streaming, I would definitely do it again.  When no one is home.

Later in the day, I took my running legs to one of my favorite places in the world: Lake Merritt.  I lived in this neighborhood for years and have always hoped to run the entire thing.  It happens to be a perfect 5k so it will be a great place to prepare for the race(s) I plan to do in the future.  I have also failed at attempting to run it many times in the past so I very much look forward to making it my b*tch.  It was a bit chilly but I had a really lovely workout.  Running outside was tremendously difficult for me in 2010.  In fact, I couldn’t really do it.  My lungs would feel like they were on fire and I could only run for about a minute before absolutely having to stop.  It sucked.  On this evening, I was shocked to find that I could maintain what felt like my treadmill pace with no physical difference.  I wasn’t winded at all!  Another hugely encouraging surprise.  By my last running portions, I was pretty tired but pushed myself to do a couple of sprints.  I’m not going to lie.  I felt like a badass.

Day 3:

After two consecutive running days, I wanted as close to a rest day as I could get without abandoning the challenge.  I chose the Crunch Candlelight Yoga workout from Netflix streaming.  It sounded chill and I’ve been looking for alternatives to my stand-by yoga dvd (Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss by Living Arts).  The instructor was a bit grating but it was a nice, easy stretch.  Worth checking out if you have Netflix.

Next up, days 4, 5 and 6!

*Do these suckers make anybody else get verklempt?  Sheesh!


One thought on “Bad Blogger pt.1

  1. […] ass to a boot camp at 6am.  This was about a month before I began my 30 day challenge and started this blog!  So, I was not fit.  I don’t remember much from it besides struggling to run […]

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