In the year+ since CIM, I’ve run a handful of times.  Each time, I instantly remembered why I fell in love with running.  The breeze, the strength, the amazing endorphin flood that carried me on a cloud for the rest of the day…

And yet, something didn’t click.  A couple times I just didn’t run again.  Twice, I ran a couple times in a week and then didn’t run again.  The last attempt was in June: three short, solid runs, spaced a day apart.  I felt strong – so strong that I clearly pushed myself too hard.  After the workouts, I felt great.  No knee or foot issues.  Then, in a different workout, I went into a well-aligned squat at my usual depth and felt immediate trauma.  I initially feared I had torn something in my knee (and perhaps I did) but as it healed over many months, the pain was in my quadriceps.  I couldn’t bend my knee at all for probably a month.  Pretty challenging when you teach Barre and Cycle.  I was able to teach (though I could not demo child’s pose of all things!) and was able to modify Barre classes for myself but it was very challenging.  And disheartening.  I was finally ready to reclaim running and I couldn’t.

Between The Dailey Method‘s Barre, Interval (a body blasting HIIT/Barre hybrid), and Cycle formats, I have a balanced workout routine.  I get cardio, strength training, flexibility, and balance work.  But there’s something special about running.  I love the quantified, measurable progress.  I love the process of working towards a special goal.  I love to hate the butterflies of race morning and I love calling my dad after a race and telling him about it – phone in one hand, burger in the other.

It’s time for a comeback.  I have run coaching certification and a fair amount of experience but I still read many, many “how to return from running after injury” articles.  I thought about doing the Couch to 5K but I wanted something with slightly longer running segments. Competitor’s article, The Rule of Two, suggested starting with 10 minutes of running (after warm up) and adding 2 minutes per session, assuming that the previous run was free of pain.  Sounded promising!

I had given up my gym membership but El Nino has come to town and we are getting some heavy rain!  A new Planet Fitness opened up the street and my husband has been happily going there for awhile.  $10/month for treadmill access AND I can sign up online without having some obnoxious sales manager try to up-sell me for a half an hour and insist on showing me machines I’ll never use?  SIGN ME UP! #januaryjoiner

So far so good.  I’ve done two sessions with a 15-18 minute walking warmup on a steep incline.  I’ve kept the running very slow and focused on alignment and the quality of my footfalls.  No knee pain, no foot pain!  I’ve also cycled and done Barre/Interval.  No problems in squats or lunges.  I feel stable and strong!  And encouraged!  Today, I am so sore from yesterday’s Interval class that I know my running form could be compromised.  Next run is tomorrow.  If all continues to go according to plan, I should be up to 30 minutes of continuous running by the 1st week of February.  So….

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 9.39.12 AM

What better way to celebrate than with a flat 5k with my favorite race presenters?!





A New Challenge


Happy Summer!  How you living??



I began this blog about 3.5 years ago with a 30 day challenge.  My goal was to do 30 consecutive days of physical activity, in the hopes that I would get comfortable with fitness.  Maaaaybe even find it somewhat enjoyable, though I doubted that would happen.

Look at that excited, late-twenties face!

Look at that excited, late-twenties face!

Needless to say, it worked.  I’ve run two marathons (?!) and numerous other races, including triathlons.  Wut?  More significantly, I found a home and a community at The Dailey Method where I have become an instructor.  Doublewut.  We’re on the cusp of launching Dailey Cycle (a spin/barre combo class) at the Berkeley studio.

I teach spin now.  WUTTTTTT?



So yeah, the fitness thing caught on!

Time for a new challenge:



Vegetables.  The final frontier.

I’ve just never been into them.  My food history is complicated, crappy, and rooted in my childhood.  Pass the tissues, we’ve all got issues.  I’m ready to move on.  It’s time to change my mind and body, yet again!

Challenge Rules:


2 servings of vegetables per day (actual food, not one of those questionable greens pills from Whole Foods).


1 serving of fruit.

That’s it.  I already meet or exceed this amount sometimes, but not consistently.  The real goal isn’t the consumption, it’s changing my attitude.  Hopefully after adapting, I will learn to enjoy them and expand my palate, the way I did with fitness!

Day 1: Cup of cherries, 2 cups spinach, 1 cup green beans, half an ear of corn.  Three colors!  Nailed it!

I’ll either tweet or FB my fruit/veggie daily consumption for accountability.  Maybe the occasional blog post?  Maybe with recipes?  Hahahahaha.  Probably not.

And because it wouldn’t be an internet challenge without a hashtag…



Race Recap – California International Marathon

Happy New Year!

CIM was over a month ago.  During the first half of the race, I was writing my recap in my head.  I was beaming, thinking about how I would describe that I took risks and exceeded all expectations!

So….what happened in the second half of the race and the last six weeks?


On Saturday, I headed up to Sacramento.  I checked in at the adorable Citizen Hotel.  The Citizen was very welcoming to CIM runners.  They are a couple blocks away from the Sacramento Convention Center which serves as the expo location and one of the bus pick-up spots.  They offered a special runner dinner in their restaurant as well as a verrrrry early morning breakfast.  Did I mention it’s adorable?


Went over to the expo, found my name on the sweet CIM board, got my bib, and headed back to watch junky TV with my legs up.

This child needs to stop fame-blocking me.

This child needs to stop fame-blocking me.

There are tons of restaurants in the downtown area to get your carb needs met.  I went with sushi at a place with decent Yelp reviews (totally unmemorable) and grabbed my secret weapon ice cream from a liquor store.  Curled up with ‘Bridesmaids’ and got to sleep by about 9:30.

Race morning:

Woke up feeling good, rested, nervous.  Did all the typical morning things and rushed out, leaving my sunglasses and water behind.  Then I waited in 40 degree weather for the bus for like 20 minutes.  I’m an idiot.  My bus stop was probably the busiest one but there were buses for everyone.  We were definitely a big herd of cattle but overall, CIM is a very organized race.  The buses were warm and I had a lovely seat-mate to chat with during the 30 minute ride.  When we arrived, the sun was coming up and I opted to stay on the bus before finishing my bathroom business (PHEW) and lining up at the start.  Note about the start: CIM does not have corrals.  Runners self-seed based on anticipated finish but I didn’t experience any bottlenecking!  Also, they have the longest row of porta-potties I have ever seen.

Miles 1-13:

Perfection.  Beautiful sunrise.  Perfect weather.  The rolling hills play perfectly to my mental and physical strengths.  I was aiming for about 10:07 pace but I felt so good that I allowed myself to run many of these miles in the high 9’s.  This was my perfect race day.

Except…I was kind of thirsty….  I’ve never felt thirsty while running before.  Maybe this was because I’d had half a diet coke at 5am and started running at 7 (I KNOW).  No matter, I would begin my fueling strategy (2-3 chews every 3 miles) at the first aid station and all would be well!  Tra la la!

Great success!  Everything is perfect!  What can go wrong?!

Great success! Everything is perfect! What can go wrong?!

Miles 14-20:

Right at mile 14, I began to feel TIRED.  I was so pissed at myself for going out so “fast”.  I’m such a conservative runner.  I couldn’t believe I was squandering a marathon on such a stupid mistake.  I made sure I was taking electrolytes (yay NUUN!) at all of the aid stations and walking through them to give myself a mental break.  I had a bit of stiffness in my left leg but mostly, I was just really tired and bummed out.  My pace dropped to about 10:30 in these miles.  I was still on pace to meet my A goal of sub-4:30 but I left the miraculous 4:20 at mile 13.  Okay…

Mile 18.  Proof that good race photos are mind over matter.  I was NOT happy at this moment.  Or maybe I was?!  It's confusing, isn't it?

Mile 18. Proof that good race photos are mind over matter. I was NOT happy at this moment. Or maybe I was?! It’s confusing, isn’t it?

Miles 20-26:

Death march.  F*ck.  It was all I could do to keep running and not just walk the whole rest of the way.  I was exhausted.  During mile 20, I went to get my Honey Stinger Chews out and discovered that I had eaten about 1/3 of what I was supposed to.  F*ck.  I took several with NUUN and felt an upswing.  At this point, I was so tired and demoralized that I just did everything I could to get there.  I knew that if I ran/walked about 50/50, I would still PR.  With each mile, I slipped further and further away from my goal.  It was sad.  I wished I were injured so I could stop.  But I wasn’t.  I was just under-fueled and bummed out.  But still able to turn on the joy for a race photographer at mile 22:

I laughed so hard when I saw this picture.  I should be a professional film and television actress. #actuallyhatinglife

I laughed so hard when I saw this picture. I should be a professional film and television actress. #actuallyhatinglife

The last couple miles, I just chanted “just run, just run, just run” and occasionally mixed in “PR, PR, PR”.  Finally I made it to the finish.

I love you, Timing Mat.

I love you, Timing Mat.

4:33.  An 8 minute PR.  3 minutes off my A goal.  All things considered, a success.

I got my medal, grabbed water, and shoved some chews in my face.  I walked around for a bit but I was pretty woozy and nauseated so I sat down and guzzled.  When I could stand up without barfing, I took one more “happy” picture.

I think I was actually happy in this one.  :D

I think I was actually happy in this one. 😀

The two blocks to my hotel took longer than the last mile.  I stretched, texted, tweeted, showered.  Citizen generously gave us late check-out so I wasn’t rushed at all.  That was wonderful. After a bit of foam rolling, I got in the car and headed home, by way of In-N-Out and the largest Diet Coke in the world.

I had two.

I had two.

CIM is a wonderful race.  I love the course, the organization, and the energy.  My weather was perfection and I was well-trained.  I’m disappointed that I made such an unnecessary error with my nutrition.  I’m also bummed that at mile 13, I didn’t believe in myself.  I assumed that I went out too quickly; that I wasn’t strong enough to run a 4:20 marathon.  I wish I had realized that I simply wasn’t eating enough and corrected that instead.  I learned several really important lessons that I will grow from in the next one.  Not sure when that will be but I still love marathon training and the incredible challenge of 26.2.

My favorite sign was one that read “Someday you might not be able to do this, TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY.”

Any marathon day is a good day.


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Home Stretch

IMG_1064It’s go time.  And it so is.

I have been following a rigid training plan since MAY, when 70.3 training began.  That’s a lot of gluten-free waffles.  I’ve probably peaked at least three times.  Races are often described as the “victory lap” at the end of a training cycle.  After eight months, some significant emotional challenges, and about a gillion miles, I’m beyond ready to put this training cycle to bed.  If I sound demoralized, I’m not at all.  I’m just a bit overcooked.  Very ready.

Goal-setting and planning for this race has been a bit of a conundrum.  I registered for CIM a few weeks before I dropped out of Augusta, needing a big challenge I knew I could enjoy meeting.  When I transitioned from triathlon to marathon training, I was a bit nervous about my past tibial tendinitis or ITB issues flaring up.  To avoid injury and increase enjoyment, I experimented with walking breaks during my long runs.  It was wonderful.  I felt very strong and unbelievably calm.  No joke, I actually enjoyed my twenty milers!  They were faster than my first marathon pace (even with a break every 9 minutes) and recovery was really quick.  I figured I would transition to continuous long runs once I had ramped up my mileage without injury.  But I just never did.  For runs ten miles and fewer, I ran through but all my significant long runs had regular breaks.

I didn’t have any ego issues with frequent walking breaks initially but now I feel slightly less comfortable with them.  I’ve debated several different race plans:

9 or 10 minutes running / 1 minute walking

Pro: I’ve trained this way.  It’s very psychologically comforting to know that there’s always another break on the horizon, usually before I need it.

Con: It’s awkward to stop, especially early in the race.  I have to run faster to maintain my overall pace.  My walking breaks may not align with the aid stations.

Straight running

Pro: Running pace is slower since it’s continuous. Ego boost.

Con: Much more physically demanding.  Haven’t run anywhere near that far continuously in over a year.  Much more challenging mentally.

Walking at aid stations

Pro: Similar to my training.  Running pace can be a bit slower since walking breaks are less frequent.  Walking breaks are proactive enough to stave off fatigue later in the race. Won’t back people up.

Cons: Walking breaks aren’t quite as often but hey, it is a race….

I’ve settled on the compromise option: walking for 0:45-1:00 through the aid stations beginning at mile 3.    I will PR this race, without question.  By how much, I’m not sure but I’m aiming for >4:30 (10:17 pace) which is totally doable, even with walking breaks.

This race marks the end of my Beginner Chapter.  My intention for CIM is to enjoy (relatively) easy racing one last time.  In the new year, it’s time to get brave and get fast!

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#AFIProject Update

Remember my #AFIProject?

No?  No problem!

Basically, I’m watching all 100 of the American Film Institute’s Top 100 films.  I’m watching them from 1 to 100 (as opposed to 100 to 1, chronologically, or randomly) and using the revised list from 2007.

I considered including this on the blog regularly and sharing some comments about each film.  Well, I’m on #67 so that ship has sailed.  Instead, I’d like to share what I’ve watched so far and whether I LOVE, Really Like, Like, or think it’s a Great Movie but Not My Fave (GMBNMF).  Here we go!

1. Citizen Kane (1941) – Like

2. The Godfather (1972) – LOVE

3. Casablanca (1942) – LOVE

4. Raging Bull (1980) – LOVE 

5. Singin’ in the Rain (1952) – LOVE

6. Gone with the Wind (1939) – Like

7. Lawrence of Arabia (1962) – LOVE (biggest surprise of the list so far.  I loved loved loved loved this movie and did NOT expect to!)

8. Schindler’s List (1993) – LOVE (and can never watch again because I was absolutely inconsolable for the entire film and day.)

9. Vertigo (1958) – Really Like

10 .The Wizard of Oz (1939) – Really Like

11. City Lights (1931) – LOVE

12. The Searchers (1956) – GMBNMF

13. Star Wars (1977) – Really Like

14. Psycho (1960) – Really Like

15. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) – Like/GMBNMF

16. Sunset Blvd. (1950) – Really Like

17. The Graduate (1967) – LOVE

18. The General (1927) – GMBNMF

19. On the Waterfront (1954) – LOVE

20. It’s a Wonderful Life (1946) – LOVE

21 .Chinatown (1974) – LOVE

22. Some Like It Hot (1959) – Like

23. The Grapes of Wrath (1940) – GMBNMF

24. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982) – Really Like

25. To Kill A Mockingbird (1962) – LOVE

26. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939) – Really Like

27. High Noon (1952) – Really Like

28. All About Eve (1950) – LOVE

29. Double Indemnity (1944) – Really Like

30. Apocalypse Now (1979) – Really Like

31. The Maltese Falcon (1941) – Like/GMBNMF

32. The Godfather Part II (1974) – Really Like

33. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975) – Really Like

34. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) – Like

35. Annie Hall (1977) – LOVE

36. The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957) – Really Like

37. The Best Years of Our Lives (1946) – LOVE

38. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948) – GMBNMF

39. Dr. Strangelove (1964) – LOVE

40. The Sound of Music (1965) – Never seen it and couldn’t get it on DVD, Netflix Streaming OR Amazon Instant.  Weird.

41. King Kong (1933) – Like

42. Bonnie and Clyde (1967) – Really Like

43. Midnight Cowboy (1969) – Really Like

44. The Philadelphia Story (1940) – LOVE

45. Shane (1953) – GMBNMF

46. It Happened One Night (1934) – LOVE

47. A Streetcar Named Desire (1951) – Really Like

48. Rear Window (1954) – Really Like

49. Intolerance (1916) – Like (FOUR HOUR SILENT FILM, FYI)

50. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) – Really Like

51. West Side Story (1961) – LOVE

52. Taxi Driver (1976) – Really Like

53. The Deer Hunter (1978) – Really Like

54. M*a*s*h (1970) – Like

55. North By Northwest (1959) – Really Like

56. Jaws (1977) – Really Like

57. Rocky (1976) – Really Like

58. The Gold Rush (1925) – Really Like

59. Nashville (1975) – Like

60. Duck Soup (1933) – GMBNMF

61. Sullivan’s Travels (1958) – LOVE

62. American Graffiti (1973) – Like

63. Cabaret (1972) – Really Like

64. Network (1976) – Really Like

65. The African Queen (1951) – Like

66. Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) – Really like

Truly, I haven’t disliked any of the films.  Even my least favorites were engaging and worth seeing.  There have definitely been some major surprises.  I didn’t expect to ABSOLUTELY LOVE Lawrence of Arabia but I can’t wait to watch it again!  I also discovered I adore Charlie Chaplin!  That’s exactly why I’m doing this project and it’s so much fun!

What’s your favorite movie on this list??



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RACE RECAP – Diablo Trail Adventure Half Marathon

Is a trail half marathon with 2,500 feet of climbing an appropriate long run for a road marathon?  Probably not.

Can I resist a trail half marathon with 2,500 feet of climbing?  NOT REALLY, APPARENTLY.

My Happy Place!

My Happy Place!

It was a stepback week and I had a 13 mile long run scheduled.  Why not get some climbing and downhill running practice with my favorite race presenters: Brazen Racing?

My mantra for this race was “Don’t be dumb; it’s a TRAINING RUN!”  After my thrilling and unexpected AG place at Drag N Fly, I could feel a little competitive frisson.  My strategy was the same as last time: hike the hills, run the flats and downhills.  Keep the running pace easy.  Not difficult to do on this course, right?

That's a lot of hiking.

That’s a lot of hiking.

Because I’ve run the 5K event twice, I was familiar with the first hill.  It’s not long but it’s fairly steep and can really zap your energy.  I promised myself that no matter how many people ill-advisedly surged up the hill, I would not.  But I did.  Whoops.  I didn’t run fast but I did run.  Thankfully, it didn’t have any negative impact.  I enjoyed the downhill that followed, accompanied by an UltraRunner Podcast.  Music makes it hard to keep my pace in check, especially so early in a run.

Off I go in my SWEET glasses.

Off I go in my SWEET glasses.

Another climb with some narrow single-track followed.  I love this kind of running!  The trail got a bit backed up but thankfully everyone wanted to hike/run around the same pace.  This was the first of many times I observed people huffing and puffing “running” while I hiked at exactly the same pace.  I appreciate the pride that comes with running an entire trail race but honestly, I’ll take efficiency over pride.  Especially when the PACE IS IDENTICAL.

Careful where you step!

Careful where you step!

The next five miles were pretty uneventful.  Hiking the hills proved to be a great strategy, as usual.  All that Dailey Method thigh work powered me up, with minimal challenge.  Each time the trail leveled, I was happy to begin trotting again.

I knew that after mile 8, it was all downhill.  I love to run downhill but my right IT band was not loving it.  I took it easy and focused on lifting my inner thighs and hamstrings to support my knee.  Thanks again, Dailey Method!

You're never fully dressed without a smile!  And these sunglasses!

You’re never fully dressed without a smile! And these sunglasses!

When I reached the final miles, I was running far faster than I should have been for a long training run but it just felt so good!  It was also awesome because this course has been my nemisis.  Each time I ran the 5k, I would be so zapped by the hill that I would always stop to walk on the way back, even downhill.  Super frustrating.  NOT YESTERDAY.  I smiled each time I ran through a spot that had kicked my ass in previous years.  This time, with ten miles in between!  I’m getting a lot stronger, physically and mentally.

One challenge during this race was fueling.  I decided not to carry my handheld water bottle because it contributes to asymmetry that causes my IT band issue on the right side.  This was not a good choice because the aid stations were at 1.1, 2.7, and 7.8.  I thought there was one more.  I took my time to drink several cups of water at the second and third stations but it wasn’t enough.  I took far less fuel than I planned (since I didn’t have water to drink it with) and a vague headache showed up around mile 8.  After the race, I made a beeline for Ultima and food.  I had a couple oreos and a LOT of electrolyte drink.  My head hurt so much, I squinched my eyes shut trying to get it to release.  I wandered over to the standings to see if my AG places had come in.  1-4 were already in so I headed home, by way of an enormous Diet Coke and some curly fries.  Very happy, in spite of the headache.

So, I finished with a time of 2:39:47.  Cool!

Wait, wasn’t I psyched to break 3 hours before?

Yes.  I took FIFTEEN MINUTES off my trail half marathon PR.


There were 500 fewer feet than the other courses but fifteen minutes?!  That is a testament to the mindfulness practice I’ve adopted.  I didn’t have any negative thoughts or fears, even when I knew I was under-fueled.  I stayed present in my body and ran the pace that felt right.  Which was my 5k pace at the end.  Woah.

I am thrilled for CIM and even more thrilled for it to be over so I can do some serious goal setting.  Time to level up!




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Happy Halloween!  I dressed up as LOLA!





We look at that.

We look at that.

Sneering in a box.  Classic Lola.

Sneering in a box. Classic Lola.

Have a wonderful Halloween!  Eat ALL THE KRACKEL!!

Mindfulness – Part One

About a month ago, I began to live more mindfully.  Since then, I’ve attempted to write about it several times and found myself stuck every time, including now.  These changes have been so profound, even in a short amount of time, that I can say that it has changed my life.  Consider this the first of many posts about the topic.

Fundamentally, I am trying to be present in my mind and body at every moment.  Truly *being* where I am with no thought of what’s coming next, unless I’m purposefully planning.  The only unhappiness and anxiety I have in my lovely life is a product of worrying.  When we worry, we use our creative minds to remove ourselves from present contentment and place ourselves in an imagined future where something is going wrong.  Put that way, it sounds like a terrible way to live but it is so common!

Recognizing that in this moment everything is fine can be really powerful.  In the first few days of thinking this way, I noticed 2-3 times per day that I felt anything other than contentment.  That’s it!  They were fleeting moments that dissipated as quickly as I noticed them.  I was truly amazed by how content I was, even when sitting in traffic, waiting in lines, etc.  If you’re just *being* with your thoughts, your music, your podcasts, the sunshine…everything is pretty nice!  Of course, not every moment is fine.  Someone may say something hurtful, a driver might do something dangerous that frightens or angers you… Those are still realities of life but we can choose whether we let those moments pass quickly or dwell on them, forcing ourselves to re-experience the hurt/discomfort over and over again.  No thanks.

I can get daunted pretty easily and daunted typically equals very unhappy.  However, when I’m actually doing the daunting things, they always go well!  I love my job and whether I’m teaching a voice lesson, a Dailey Method class, or singing, I feel this amazing sense of flow.  I’m so fully engaged that time seems to speed up.  I leave each activity feeling more alive than before.   My motivation for actively seeking presence was to feel as engaged and positive outside of those activities as I feel when I’m doing them.

To eliminate feeling overwhelmed, I committed to stop looking at my calendar.  Instead, I take 5-10 minutes each day to sit down with the next day’s schedule and set an intention for each activity.  I think about what each student, class, or workout needs.  I make a little notation in my phone and boom, the day is handled.  I can spend the other 23 hours and 50 minutes of today being in today!  I’ve also noticed how much time I truly have when an activity is contained within it’s allotted time (instead of being thought about all day).  4 lessons and 2 DM classes isn’t ALL DAY, it’s only 6 hours.  That shift has allowed me to reclaim and enjoy a whole lot of previously squandered time.

Birthday Notes!

Birthday Notes!

Around the time this all started, I had a wonderful Dailey Method workshop with Lorna Samatas, owner of The Dailey Method – Elmhurst.  The topic was “Theming Your DM Class” but much of it was about mindfulness techniques.  One concept that I really took to was the idea of “arriving” in a space.  The idea is that when you cross a threshold into a new space, it’s a mindfulness trigger.  You take a moment to pause and consider why you’re there and what you hope to get from the experience in that space.  My Dailey Method students have responded well to this as a way to truly begin their practice.  I’m using it everywhere from entering a rehearsal to retreating to my bedroom at the end of the day.

Without question, this has significantly changed my running.  I will explore this in a subsequent post(s) but I want to tell you that last week’s 17 miler and yesterday’s TWENTY were both amazing runs.  I was *calm* the entire time.  I didn’t have any dread or fear of the distance.  At the beginning, I had no sense of how long I had to go.  I simply ran.  I noticed physical sensations, noticed ebbs and flows in my energy, noticed clouds, noticed my own happiness.  It was tremendous and couldn’t come at a better time.

Happy from beginning to end!

Happy from beginning to end!

There’s a lot more I want to share and now that I’ve gotten this first post through my fingers, more will come soon!

Please ask questions or share your favorite mindfulness tips and resources in the comments!


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Goin’ Galloway?!

Oh hey!  I’m running a marathon!

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 8.00.44 AM

A few weeks before I pulled the plug on Augusta 70.3, I registered for CIM.  To many, registering for a dovetailing marathon while struggling with my present goal would seem insane.  I considered it for months and didn’t discuss it much.  It felt like a really good idea and as I described to a few people, “I just needed a win.”  Obviously running 26.2 miles isn’t an easy win but it’s an endeavor that feels exciting.

One important consideration is overtraining.  70.3 training started in May and while it wasn’t run heavy, that’s a long time on the training train.  Since I’m genuinely looking forward to this race, my mind is cooperating well.

Body….is mostly cooperating well.  Two weeks ago, I had 15 miles on my plan and 5 miles in, my ITB rebelled. My knee joined the protest, and I had no choice but to turn around and head home after 5.  Ruh-roh.  Since then, I’ve rested when I felt like I should and backed off my mileage.  I travelled to Seattle to celebrate my stepmom’s 60th birthday (60’s themed party!) and then returned home to celebrate my own birthday.

Mad Men....with an iPhone.

Mad Men….with an iPhone.

Last Tuesday, I turned 32.  I celebrated with a fantastic spin class (BORN THIS WAY was the first song!!!  WHAT?) and Dailey Method with the always energetic and amazing Susan.

The next day, I embarked on my first 32 year old run: 10 miles.  I decided to employ the Galloway method (running 9 minutes/ walking 1) in the hopes that I would get through a longish run without discomfort.

It was absolute joy.  One of those runs where you can’t stop thinking how amazing you feel and how you wish you could bottle the feeling and HowCanEveryRunBeLikeThisEveryTimeForever!!!!

I never needed the walking breaks so they were a pleasant (and frequent) surprise!  I intended to keep a long run pace (10:30-10:45) but I could barely keep my running segments above 10.  It felt really good.  I kind of totally get why people favor this method.  My average pace was faster than it should have been but the run felt easier than it should have felt.  Maybe it was just the day?  Maybe it was the buoyant energy of a new, even age?

Maybe NOT.


Yesterday, I ran 15 miles using the same method.  I felt FANTASTIC.  Same deal: all the running segments felt nearly effortless and hovered around 10mm.  Stupidly faster than I should be running my long runs but I absolutely could have had a full conversation (if another person on earth were insane enough to run 5 loops of the same lake).  Oh, and today?  NO PAIN OR STIFFNESS WHATSOEVER.  I took a spin class this morning.  Didn’t even feel like I ran yesterday.   Absurd.

So….maybe this method works really well for me?  Maybe my marathon goal should be faster?  Who knows.  I can tell you that I am absolutely not bothered by running “only” 90%.  That’s still a low A, thankyouverymuch.  I took a lot of pride in running my entire first marathon but using this method to get safely to both the starting line and a PR doesn’t bug me. I’m not sure at this point if I’m going to stay with Galloway but I will for my long run this weekend and continue to evaluate from there.

YAAAAAAAY MARATHON TRAINING!  It really is my favorite.

Ever do a run/walk method?  Thoughts?  

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A year ago today was one of the best days of my life!


There were certainly challenging moments but running 26.2 was one of my favorite things I’ve ever done.

So favorite that on 12/7, I’m going to do it again at California International Marathon (CIM).

Here’s hoping for another finisher picture that happy!