You Spin Me Right Round, Baby, Right Round Like a Record Player Right Round Round Round!

The motto of Augusta 70.3 training (which officially starts in about two weeks, holy crap) is…



*Cut the drama.

* Ignore the nerves.

* Get your work done.

I employed this motto for the first time about a month ago when I spontaneously decided to put on my hand-me-down pedals (thanks, Jess!) and clip my hand-me-down cycling shoes into them (thanks, Velia!)  I figured I would watch thirty YouTube videos and practice in my doorway for a month before actually attempting to clip in outside.  I floated this idea with my stepbrother (who can literally eat a spaghetti dinner while riding his bike in the snow) and he said “why don’t you just go ride?  Just do it!”

So I did!

Customary excitement and falling!

Customary excitement and falling!

I only had a couple little tipovers, AFTER I had clipped out and put one foot on the ground.  That’s how I do!

So, riding clipped in is AWESOME.  You all knew that.  I love being able to use my hamstrings and glutes more.  I could definitely feel the difference riding in the wind and I’m sure hills will be infinitely easier.  Hear that, Bears?

In the spirit of just doing stuff, I went to my first spin class today!

The class was held at my gym.  I arrived about 15 min early to ensure that I got a spot.  When it was time to enter the studio, I introduced myself to a few other classmates (including another brave newbie) and the instructor, Benjamin.  He was super cool and helped me set up my bike.  I clipped in and started gently spinning until the class officially began.


Loved the hill climbs.  Loved being out of the saddle.  Loved the sprints.  Loved cycling in time with the music.  Loved it loved it loved it.

Without question, I need to get comfortable riding outside.  I will not substitute spin classes for outdoor time in my own saddle but a mid-week ride?  YOU BETCHA!

What have you “just done” this week?

Any triathletes out there incorporate spinning?

Anyone want to give me infinities monies to go to fancy spinning in SF?


I didn’t think I could love The Dailey Method more than I already do and then they introduced:


Themey music and festive costumes? And a hashtag??  DONE.

Last week was 70′s and we had a disco blast.  No Warren Zevon but no problem!  I just sang ‘Excitable Boy’ during the drive home…

[This was one of the primary albums of my childhood.  Google the lyrics to 'Excitable Boy' or 'Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner' and my personality might start to make sense? Thanks, Dad!]

Today was 80′s so obviously this had to happen:

Wear all the neon you own, you say?

Wear all the neon you own, you say?

Any excuse to wear my SPACE CAT leggings….

With Kerry Corcoran - TDM - Berkeley studio owner , anatomy guru, and rainbow legging enthusiast.


Photo courtesy of Kerry Corcoran – TDM Berkeley studio owner, Anatomy Guru, Legging Enthusiast.

Kerry nailed the playlist!  Practically every song had the class smiling and laughing.  Highlights included: One Night in Bangkok (so random), We Built This City (a childhood favorite), and my favorite karaoke jam Total Eclipse of the Heart.  Music absolutely inspires me go a little deeper and work a little harder.  Or at the very least, it entertains the one percent of mental space I have left after adjusting my alignment and feeling pain.

And of course, the class was just as painful as always.  Thankfully, we did prone seat work which I’ve been training for since the 80′s.

Prone circa 1982.  Note the lifted seat appearance.  #happybaby

Prone circa 1982. Note the lifted seat appearance. #happybaby

Stay tuned for 90′s day when brown eyeliner may or may not be used as LIPLINER.

Like, totally #happyfit

What’s your FAVE 80′s tune?   Mine is P.Y.T even though it’s creepy!


Those of you who follow me on the Twitters have seen many, many photos that look like this:

I painted those walls!

I painted those walls!

Right before New Year’s, I got the idea to watch all 100 films on the AFI (American Film Institute) Top 100 Films.  I love movies but there are a ton of iconic films that I’ve never seen.  I also wanted motivation to watch some genres that I wouldn’t normally gravitate to like Westerns and Silent Films.  As of today, I am on #50!  Here are some details about the project:

* There are 2 versions of the list.  The first list came out in 1997 and then a 10 year anniversary list with adjusted rankings (including some removals and additions) came out in 2007.  I am watching the updated list.

* In what order?!  This was quite a connundrum.  Chronological? #1-100? Backwards from 100 to save the “best” for last?  I opted to start at #1.  If I lost steam in the project, I wanted to make sure that I didn’t miss the highest ranked ones.

* I’m watching the majority of the films streaming or on DVD through Netflix.  So far, I’ve only had to get one movie from another source because it wasn’t available on Netflix.  I updated my DVD plan to 2 at a time. 

* I’m tweeting frequently about the project with the hashtag #AFIProject, in case you want to go back and see my immediate impressions of the movies I’ve watched!  

This project is one of my favorite things I’ve ever done.  There hasn’t been a single movie I haven’t liked.  Some that I didn’t think I would enjoy completely surprised me.  Only a few have been underwhelming but only compared to the amazingness of the others.

Later this week, I’ll post brief impressions of the top 50!

What’s your favorite movie?  If you read this post, PLEASE comment.  I would love to see what everyone else is watching!


Hi Friends!

Today I had the best run I’ve had in six weeks.  It looked like this:

Impressive is relative!

Impressive is relative!

When last I blogged, I was having a pretty tough start to the year.  It was probably the poor leadership of President Taft.  He really bums me out.

I haven’t blogged in a long time.  Get it?  HAR HAR.  Thanks for still reading.

Last weekend was the Oakland Running Festival.  For the second year in a row, I was injured out of the half marathon.  Many factors contributed to the minor knee/ITB injury that sidelined me but  inconsistent training was primarily my downfall.  Turns out you can’t skip midweek runs and then just jump into the long runs and not expect to get stranded halfway through a nine-miler.  True story.  Shitty story.  Doubly-sadly, my wonderful stepbrother and stepsisterinlaw were also injured.  They already had travel arrangements to come down from Seattle so we made the best of it and spent some great quality time together.  The morning of the race, we took a long walk along the shoreline and ate a big ole Mexican brunch.  It was wonderful.


They are seriously the best.

Though it was disappointing not to race (especially when we went to the expo to pick up our shirts.  UGH.) it was so lovely to be together and talk about future races.  I can’t wait to have a bagillion dollars to build FamilyCompound so we can all hang out and train together every day!  That’s not creepy at all, right?  Phew.

The 007 aka The SEAN PECANNERY.

The 007 aka The SEAN PECAN-NERY.

I carboloaded for our family walk with that little donut and many, many more.

So, this injury.  It’s really minor but the last thing I want is to exacerbate it.  It first showed up at literally mile 4.5 of a 9 mile run.  THAT was a long walk home.  I basically felt tension and vibration all the way down the right side of my leg and major instability under my kneecap.  Once that initial intensity wore off, what I can only describe as knee “heat” (swelling?) remained.  After several days off, I’ve been doing run/walk intervals until I feel any sensation.  I’m very slowly building back up to continuous mileage on the treadmill and other soft surfaces.  I’ve also been foam rolling every day and lingering over the knots in my quads to the point of tears.  I’m getting better and I’m pretty sure that’s why.

Today I ran outside for the first time in probably a month.  I went to my beloved Lake Merritt with the intention of running only the soft surfaces.  After a lovely walking warmup, I began to run.  I felt like I was let out of jail.  I had no intention of pushing it but as I trotted along “easily”, I looked down and saw low 9′s on my Garmin.


I have no business running those paces but I felt absolutely fantastic so I just enjoyed it.  Who knows what will feel easy next time but I couldn’t care less as long as I keep improving and stay strong.

I wonder why it was so easy?  Maybe it’s all the SWIMMING AND CYCLING I’VE BEEN DOING!


How are you doing?  DNS any races lately?  Eat any adorable donuts?



Make the Decision

2014 has not been easy so far.

I am technically at the end of my third week of half marathon training.  I hoped that by this point I would have worked my way up to completing all four weekly runs as prescribed.  I’m not.  Here’s why and why it doesn’t matter:

* I’ve felt subtle suggestions of the tendinitis I experienced this time last year.  No pain but some sensation.  I’m afraid of doing too much too soon.  I’m rolling my calves and listening to my body but I’m still nervous.  This has led me to skip runs, reschedule runs (and sometimes not do them), and cut some runs short.

I should still go out for every scheduled run, even if I can’t complete it.  My struggle is much more mental than physical at this point and getting out there every time it’s on the calendar will get my head back in the game.

* Work has been insane.  Good insane but still insane.

Insane for me still leaves plenty of time for training.  Also, my happiest days are the ones that include a long, tough workout.  

* I’m intimidated by being out of shape.  The workouts I’ve done have been haaaaard.

Um, you get in shape by working out, not by punking out.  

* I’m not super happy.  That’s hard to admit but I’m having some personal struggles.  The cloud isn’t completely overshadowing my training efforts but I don’t feel anything like I did during marathon training this summer.

Being back in shape will help me feel my best and surely alleviate some of the sadness I’ve been feeling.

Basically, I need to make the decision to fully commit and just get back in the game.

Fine.  Okay.  Doing it.  Fine.  Okay.  6 miles today.  Yes.



Wait for it.....wait for it.....

Wait for it…..wait for it…..Christmas sock monkey pjs FTW……

photo 2



This comment was in response to the ‘I’m a Runner‘ interview with soprano Lisette Oropesa.  She’s fabulous and of course as a fellow running soprano, I was thrilled to see us represented.   I believe I commented on the RW Facebook posting of the article.  Life lesson: even in a throwaway Facebook comment, ALWAYS say what you would want published in a national magazine.  I could have much been much more eloquent about my similar experience as the running singer but I’m still totally tickled to see my name in print!

Hey, RW: where’s my t-shirt at?!  :D

Are We There Yet?

Yesterday, I did my……….


Remember how I registered for a Half-Ironman? Thaaaaaaaaaat…

I’m currently getting back in shape and training for the Oakland Half but honestly, the finish line I see during every tough workout is Augusta.

A few months ago, one of my fellow See Jane Run ambassadors, the lovely Tara, loaned me her trainer.  I finally learned how to put it on last week and yesterday morning I ventured down to the basement for my inaugural ride to nowhere!

It took me a bit of jimmying but eventually the bike fit securely into the trainer.  I have nothing to compare it to but my borrowed Travel Trac feels secure and looks to retail for under $200, in case anyone is in the market.  It’s not super noisy but loud enough that I preferred to use headphones while watching Netflix.

I figured one episode of What Not to Wear would be a good first ride, about 45 minutes.  I regularly do 45 or hour long rides at the gym but my own bike is quite a bit harder.  I loved it!  Being able to use my own gears and become one with my own seat is fantastic.  I’ve been riding a bike for exactly one year so I still have a long way to go in building confidence and comfort.  I think spending time on the trainer is really going to help with that, especially once I put my clipless pedals on.  Yeah, that’s happening.

The bike is so deceptively challenging!  I was sweaty and my heart rate was up a bit but it didn’t feel like a killer workout.  Then I went to Dailey Method and couldn’t do ANYTHING.  I came down to my knees in every plank sequence!  I don’t think that happened in the very first class I took!  Thigh work was impossible and by the final set of high c-curve abdominal work, I could barely hold my body up in space.  Dang, bike!

So naturally, I refuled.  With pork belly.



What are your favorite trainer workouts and tips?  Intervals? Cool one-leg drills?  Lay ‘em on me!

Getting Back On

God, getting back in shape is hard.

Just after Thanksgiving, I got the worst cold I’ve ever had.  In fact, it took hold in the middle of the night before a very, very important audition I had been preparing for months.  They graciously rescheduled me for 5 days later and I still had absolutely no voice and could barely swallow. Missed the reschedule. Unreal.  I coughed all day and all night for about 3 weeks.  Thankfully by MY WEDDING DAY it was downgraded to a light tickle.

With singing and marrying to do, I grudgingly went very easy physically.  Nothing for two weeks and eventually some light spinning and Dailey Method to tone for the big day.  I missed the first 3 weeks of the FIRST plan I intended to use for the Oakland Half.  Ughhhhhh.  Is this race cursed or something?

So, the thing that’s crazy about being out of shape is that you can pretty much do what you could do before, it just feels INFINITELY HARDER.  I definitely couldn’t go out and run 10 miles today (maybe I could but I wouldn’t) but I can run short distances at the paces I usually do.  It just totally sucks.  After missing the boat on the FIRST plan, I decided to adapt Hal Higdon’s Intermediate Half Marathon Plan.  I dropped one of the five runs  to avoid overuse and allow more time for cross training.  For the track workouts, tempo workouts, and long runs, I’m using the paces assigned to me from the FIRST program.  The Higdon plan is a bit less aggressive (five 400′s instead of frickin TWELVE) but will still be more speed work than I’ve ever done and should prepare me to run a 2:05 half (9:35/mm) on March 24th.

Last week was my first real workout week in ages.  3 runs (Interval, Pace, and LSD) and 4 Dailey Method classes.  Foam rolled!  Recruited a friend to teach me how to put my bike on my borrowed trainer!  It’s all happening!

I’ve been in a downright crappy mood this week due to hormones, work stress, and inflated holiday body.  Yesterday was my first “long run” (5 miles) since the 10k I PR’d in October.  I suffered through the first three miles but eventually found my rhythm (and some sorely missed heart!) and finished strong.  I saw glimmers of my marathoner self!  Dailey Method was tough and awesome.  By the end, I felt like myself for the first time since just after the wedding.

And here I am, writing a clunky post about it.  Getting back on the blogging horse too.

Happy New Year!





2013 in Review

This year was…



On January 3rd, I committed to the following:

Things I Will Do:

These are things that are happening in 2013.  Fully committed.  Fully excited.  Fully ALL IN.

In 2013, I will PR all distances (5K, 10K, half marathon).



Check .2!

Check .2!



I will become a triathlete.

Wow! I did that!

Wow! I did that!



I will run the Chicago Portland Marathon.

Best. Day. Ever.

Best. Day. Ever.

I will become a wife.

Until this one. :D

Until this one. :D

BRING IT, ’13.

Oh, I would say it’s been brought.

This was, without question, the best year of my life.  Thank you for sharing it with me.

Wishing you all so much love in your last few days of 2013.

Race Recap – Quarry Turkey aka. #BRIDALTROT

Nitro Turkey?  A great race but not my favorite of the year.

Quarry Turkey?  A great race and SUPER FUN because it was my BRIDAL TROT!

I am so lucky that some of my wonderful friends came out to celebrate my impending nuptials by running, walking, and cheering (and wearing goofy bachelorette accessories!)

#bridaltrot cuties!

#bridaltrot cuties!

Quarry Turkey was the second half of Brazen’s Double Turkey Challenge.  It was held at Quarry Lakes in Fremont which is incidentally the town where Tim grew up and a stones throw from the high school he has taught at for 13 years!  It was beautiful and we had perfect weather.  Crisp but comfortable, the weather runners live for.

Ahhhhh lovely!

Ahhhhh lovely!

We all have different paces so a few of us started together but soon got separated.  I opted to stay with my friend Tonia as a couple of our buddies went ahead.  Tonia hadn’t run in awhile and she was a total champ!  The run was relaxing and before I knew it, we were winding around to the finish.



Once we were all finished, we took more cutie pictures and then I made a beeline for my sweet connector medal to make MEGA TURKEY MEDAL MADNESS!



I don't aaalways do it for the bling but this weekend, I did.

I don’t aaalways do it for the bling but this weekend, I did.

And then FOOD!  Brazen is known for having It’s Its at the finish line but I’ve never partaken.  This was definitely the day.  Oh, and shots of pumpkin pie.  Anyone who knows me knows that that’s the perfect shot for my bachelorette party.  Not a drinker.  Pie eater.


It’s Its for EVERYONE!

Last stop was stalking the QUARRY TURKEY.

Just one of the girls!

Just one of the girls!

People were super sweet and congratulatory.  It was so nice to celebrate with my buddies by getting outside, running around, and eating some yummy sweets.  I know people are all about the Vegas weekend but I’ve gotta say, this was awesome (and a hell of a lot less expensive!)  I’m so grateful to my girls for coming out.

I guess the only thing to do now is GET MARRIED!

16 days, 2 hours, 51 minutes and counting!









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